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A Surprise Proposal

This past month, I was contacted by a very sweet guy (Paul) trying to plan a surprise proposal session for his girlfriend (Rachael). I was over the moon about this considering I've been dying to shoot another proposal for so long! He asked me if I was available on a very specific day because that was the day they would be in town looking at apartments. They currently live in Buffalo and will be re-locating to this area for work. The day came and he asked me to meet them in a very specific spot. So I waited there for a few minutes until I saw them coming down the stairs. Side note: I love the rush that comes with shooting such an important moment. I get the same feeling while shooting a birth or a wedding. Those super important, once in a lifetime moments. No pressure or anything, right?! I was so nervous, I can't imagine how he was feeling! Of course I flipped when I saw they had their adorable puppy (Lola) with them and she was wearing a unicorn hat! So naturally, my awkward self paid more attention to the dog than the lovely couple standing in front of me. Then suddenly, he began reading a letter written by Rachael to her future husband, many years ago (cue the water works). He got the letter from her mother and started reading her own words she had written about the man standing in front of her. So romantic, right?

She just stood there looking directly at him. As I was editing the images, I couldn't get over the way she was looking at him. It made me tear up all over again.

Just look at the way she's looking at him! After he finished reading her letter, he started getting down on one knee. It was my favorite part when she realized what he was doing! Her face says it all.

Lola was super excited, too!

After the initial surprise, we went exploring and found such a beautiful spot to take more photos!

Can you stand how adorable they are?! Now lets take a closer look at that ring!

So gorgeous! And I LOVE taking ring shots, so always count on that.

This couple was amazing and I was so honored to have been a part of this special day with them.

Alright, whose next??


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