About Me

My name is Kimmy and I'm 35 years old. I'm a mama to two awesome kiddos. They are the loves of my life and take up all of my free (and not so free) time, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Photography started as a way for me to capture memories of my daughter. I was inspired by an incredibly talented photographer who was kind enough to give me some advice and guidance on how to use my new camera. From then on, my camera was like an extension of me. It allowed me to express myself in a way I never had before. It allowed me to bring joy and smiles to peoples faces. Mostly, it gave me a sense of purpose. A purpose to share this passion with anyone I could. Six years later, with the help of a few amazing photographers I now call my friends, my selfless husband who has always supported me, and my amazing family, I've turned that purpose into a business. I have learned an incredible amount, and I will continue to learn and work and do everything I can to give my clients the best of me.

I'm so grateful you're here and I'm really looking forward to sharing my passion with you!