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The Best Photographer Ever

Hi there, I'm Callie Taylor and I am the daughter of the best photographer in the whole world Kimberly Rae Schuldt. My mother is confident, hard working, and she doesn't go too overboard with her editing. The thing that makes her confident is she is never scared of taking her photos and telling her clients what to do, I know I would be scared if I had to tell someone what to do. The thing that makes my mother hard working is she doesn't take interruptions that often and she takes a long time to get her pictures done. Last but not least my mother does not go to overboard will her pictures. I know that because when I see her pictures, when her clients see her picture you can see the lighting is absolutely perfect and she edits out the right spots that show in the picture. In her picture you see that her camera focuses on the things right in front of it, so that helps a lot when it comes to editing. Well the time has come, and I have to rap this up so enjoy my paragraph and if you haven't already had pictures done by Kimberly Schuldt Photography please consider her, and if you have enjoy your pictures.



Callie Taylor

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